Rajmil Fischman


…a ‘wonderful’ world

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Composer Rajmil Fischman brings to life a acousmatic world full of inspiration, surprises and a probing intellect. ‘And I Think to Myself’ (2001-2) is an electroacoustic work that provides a musical externalisation of the thoughts and emotions resulting from a virtual ‘stroll’ through reality. It’s sections are intended to be a contemporary commentary on the Socratian virtues. The five movements of ‘No Me Quedo… (plantado en este verso)’ (‘I am not staying… (stuck in this verse))’ (2000) take their titles from the text of a poem by the Peruvian César Vallejo. ‘Erwin’s Playground’ (2001) is built around an allusion to the pioneer of quantum mechanics, Erwin Schrödinger, and its structure arises from the solutions and implications of an equation discovered by him. ‘Targilim Be’ivirit Shimushit’ (2003) explores the phonetic aspects of this ironic text by Israeli Dan Pagis. In addition to semantic meaning, the words acquire further significance as timbral material within a purely music context. The work is performed by singer Eti Ben-Zaken. Finally, ‘Suite à et ainsi de suite’ (2002), written to celebrate Jonty Harrison, begins and ends with sounds from Harrison’s own music, and uses the letters of his name to organize the form.

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Targilim Be’ivirit Shimushit
And I Think to Myself
Erwin’s Playground
No Me Quedo

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