Its no use crying over spilled milk, you should have invested in bitcoin when it was trending in three digits or at least when it was in four digits. But what’s the use of bemoaning your fate now that it is in five digits and proposes to stay for some time?This gives rise to the question what impact does this crypto have on your personal life – it is after all a virtual currency that is not tangible. Why are people hankering for it so much? Let us find out how bitcoin can not only transform the economic fabric of the world but also change your life at a personal level.

1.      Immunity from devaluation: Banks and other financial organizations have full control over the paper currency that is used right now across the globe. This has led to rampant corruption and political upheavals that have destroyed economies. But if you use bitcoin you will remain immune to inflation and if your currency is devalued anytime in future you will remain safe.

2.      Cheaper transaction rates: When you do bitcoin transfers to anywhere in the world, the cost involved is lower when compared to traditional methods of money transfers.

3.      Prudent investment for future: Currently investing in bitcoin seems to be more favorable than keeping your money in the bank where the interest is a pittance. According to John McAfee, the founder of McAfee bitcoin is unstoppable and the world and governments will have to adjust to it.

4.      Money at fingertips: Personal finance will become easier as you can pay to anyone anywhere and anytime just with the help of your phone. You don’t need to have a bank account anymore. Your wealth is in your hands virtually all the time.

5.      Makes travel easy: With bitcoin gaining prominence you need not worry about carrying foreign currency and worrying about the exchange rate every time you travel. Just use your phone and make payments with bitcoins. It can’t get simpler than that.


Thus, when you invest in bitcoins you become immune to the fluctuations in currency prices, manage your finances from just about anywhere, enjoy high-end security and also remain anonymous. While buying your morning coffee with bitcoin is not a reality at present because each transaction takes really long, traveling and indulging in other financial deals is simpler.  In case, you don’t have the five figures required to invest in bitcoin you can look at the various options to generate money. One of the proven and quick ways is to trade using automated trading systems like the bitcoin code; click here to know more about this binary options trading and learn how to use it to fill your coffers.

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