Netbanking is the trending technological change happened in recent times and we can see almost all the banks are not alive without the crowd. Some ten years ago, if we want to withdraw or deposit money, we had to travel to the home bank, fill up the respective forms and wait in the lengthy queue to finish off their transaction. But nowadays everything has become so simple and technology allows us to do everything by making a single click that too, sitting form our comfortable seat. This is really a treat for all of us especially the aged people because they felt very bad to make a journey to the banks as their age could not bear all these things. During the arrival of this technological enhancement, we were able to do the transactions with the desktop or laptop but now, even it has changed and  it can be done with the smartphone application softwares but the only thing is it requires a very strong and stable internet connection and if the network connection shows a fluctuation, then we find it difficult to carry out the tasks properly.

So, according to me, net banking is truly a boon for all human beings and let us have a glance at the merits and demerits of e-banking.

  • It is so convenient to use and also it eases the manual works much.
  • There is no need of waiting in the long queue to make our jobs done. We can simply sit at home and complete our work within a few minutes of time because time does matter a lot and even a second costs some amount in a business. Especially the traders who do trading with BTC Profit must be very alert in watching the price changes and they cannot waste even a second of time.
  • There is no time period for net banking and we can do the transactions at any time in a day but this is not possible in a traditional way of banking and we ought to follow the banking rules and regulations strictly.
  • We can monitor our account and the transactions history at any time and they are very safe and secured.

Here is a list of few negatives involved in net banking and let us have a look at it so that we can come to the conclusion of whether it is a boon or a bane.

  • The procedures involved in e-banking is somewhat tough and the beginners and illiterates could find it difficult to manage.
  • Internet connection is the predominant thing needed here and without a network or wi-fi connection, we cannot complete the chores.

As the demerits are very less compared to the merits, I conclude that online banking is probably a boon for all of us unless and until we use it in the wrong way.

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